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9:00 pm, Sunday, September 30, 2012
Newcomer Center, Room 19

Is the Word Poetry Open Mic

8:45 p.m. sign up, 9:00 show This is the opening night for the twice monthly poetry slam and open mic! This week it will just be an open mic. There will be 10 spots to read poetry, and everyone will have about 5 minutes. You can read original work or another person's work. If you don't want to read, you can be an audience member. We need a big audience! There will also be free food. Next month, October 14, will be a slam instead of an open mic. We will discuss the rules of slam at the open mic, but I'll make sure to include everything you need to know in the next event. And invite your friends! Note: The location here says Newcomer 19, but it will be in room 17.

Contact: Hayley Brooks or Kate Stotlzfus, phone (720)-371-4677, email hjbrooks@goshen.edu or sarahs29@goshen.edu