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Sunday, November 10, 2013 through December 29, 2013
Hershberger Art Gallery

Jason Lahr and Krista Koeffle

Jason Lahr and Krista Hoefle: Jason Lahr?s paintings and works on paper combine darkly comic texts with appropriated images to create shifting narratives of working class male identity as shaped by popular culture. His work combines the visual language of digital culture with traditional painting techniques and references to illustration, print media, and graphic design to create an intertextual web which addresses the articulation of masculine identity as manifested in Generation X and which is filtered through feminism and identity politics/criticism. Visit http://www.jasonlahr.net to learn more about this artist.

Krista Hoefle investigates the underlying or hidden aspects of videogame structure that are otherwise not apparent during regular game play through the reinterpretation of virtual interactions and objects into physical spaces. Although she uses a wide variety of media (digital prints, screenprints, 'zines, objects, video), the spatial dislocation (or translation) from the virtual to the physical positions the work within the realm of sculpture. Visit http://www.kristahoefle.com to learn more about this artist.

Contact: Marjorie Brandeberry, phone (574) 535-7400, email margemb@goshen.edu