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9:00 pm, Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Room Selection: Kratz/Miller/Yoder and Kulp

Room selection for Kratz-Miller-Yoder and Kulp Residence Halls is Wednesday, April 10 @ AD28

9:00PM - 2011 HS Graduates or Before may select a room in Kulp Hall, Kratz, Miller, or Yoder Hall. (Order Determined by a drawing)

10:00PM - 2012 HS Graduates may select a room in Kratz, Miller, or Yoder Hall. (Order determined by a drawing)

Remember to bring your receipt for your housing deposit ($50). Deposits must be made before 12:30pm on sign-up day (April 10) to be eligible to select a room on this night. Deposits can be made at the accounting office (AD) or online: https://www.goshen.edu/services/Housing_Deposits

Have questions? Talk to your RD, email chadc@goshen, or see the online FAQ at http://www.goshen.edu/studentlife/files/2010/12/Residence-Life-FAQ2.pdf

Contact: Shirley J Shriner, phone 7543, email shirleyjs@goshen.edu