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Monday, March 31, 2014

United Club Week

Monday 3/31 12:00 PM: Location- The Rot, SRC and GSWA Discussion

Monday 3/31 9:00 PM: Location- 1rd floor connector, ICGC Game night -nacho night

Tuesday 4/1 6:30 PM: Location- NC 19, UNITY and Hymn Club

Wednesday 4/2 6:30 PM: Location- NC 17, LSU and BSU Microaggressions

Salsa dancing at 8pm at the RFC pool

Thursday 4/3 6:30 PM: Location- 3rd floor connector, "Pride day" Adocvates and SWAA

Friday 4/4 6:30pm: Location- NC 17, "Communication barriers between hearing and the Deaf" ASL club

Saturday 4/5 3:00 PM: Location- Java Junction, ISC Around the world quiz

Contact: DaVonne Harris, phone 7837, email dharris@goshen.edu