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1:00 pm, Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Goshen College Music Center, Sauder Concert Hall

Afternoon Sabbatical

The Revitalization of Goshen Down Town
Dave Pottinger and Faye Peterson with Jeremy and Maija Stutsman
The aesthetics of downtown Goshen has been a passion of Dave Pottinger, Faye Peterson and their daughter Maija and son-in-law Jeremy Stutsman for many years as they purchased and renovated many of the buildings in the center of town, birthed businesses, encouraged artist organization and recently led the streetscape implementation. The family will share the vision that has motivated them and the steps in their journey to make Goshen a beautiful and 'go to' place.

Contact: Janette Yoder, phone 7565, email janetteky@goshen.edu