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9:45 am, Saturday, October 8, 2011
GC campus

Homecoming Class Reunions

No cost. This is a special time for you and your classmates to reconnect and reminisce. Drinks and a light snack will be provided.

65th-Class of 1946
Church-Chapel, Gathering Rooms 141-142

60th-Class of 1951
Church-Chapel, Gathering Rooms 143-144

55th-Class of 1956
Church-Chapel, Room 112

50th-Class of 1961
Church-Chapel, Koinonia Room 300-301

45th-Class of 1966
Rec-Fitness Center, Room 104-105

40th-Class of 1971
Music Center, Rieth Recital Hall

35th-Class of 1976
Newcomer Center, Room 17

30th-Class of 1981
College Cabin

25th-Class of 1986
Music Center, Room 153

20th-Class of 1991
Music Center, Room 150

10th-Class of 2001
Church-Chapel, Room 110

The full schedule and further information is available in our Homecoming 2011 brochure.

Register online today.

Contact: Alumni Office, phone (574) 535-7565, email alumni@goshen.edu

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