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11:00 am, Friday, April 12, 2013
Westlawn Dining Hall

Dandelion Day Lunch

Join us at the dining hall for a lunch prepared by AVI Fresh featuring four dishes with dandelions including stir fry, dandy muffins and bread, and cookies. Open to the public for $5.

Senior Jon Mark, an environmental science and peace, justice and conflict studies double major, is organizing this event for a class project. The college?s student club EcoPAX will harvest dandelion greens on April 10-11 from campus prairies that have had no pesticides sprayed for the last 2 years (so they are safe for consumption) and then the AVI Fresh Dining Hall chef Jeremy Corson has agreed to prepare them for the lunch on April 12.

This project is an attempt to ?make peace with dandelions.? These dark leafy greens are full of vitamin A, C and K, making them very nutritious. The plant was once known as a cure-all and there are many health effects of eating this plant, if they haven?t been sprayed with pesticides.

See also: Read Goshen College Sustainability Coordinator Glenn Gilbert?s 2012 opinion piece about dandelions