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5:15 pm, Saturday, March 24, 2018
College Mennonite Church Fellowship Hall

International Student Club Dinner

The International Student Coffeehouse features both a banquet of international foods and also a variety show. The Banquet will begin at 5:15 PM in the College Mennonite Church Fellowship hall. This event will feature a wide array of international dishes cooked by GC students.

A family-friendly international Talent Show will follow the dinner in the Sauder Concert Hall, Music Center at 7:30 PM.

Tickets for both the dinner and the show are available at the GC Welcome Center (574-535-7566) or via www.goshen.edu/tickets. Show tickets may also be purchased just before the show at the Sauder ticket window.

Profits from this event fund international student campus events and a charity chosen by the students.

Contact: Goshen College Box Office, phone 574-535-7566, email boxoffice@goshen.edu

See also: Purchase tickets.