2:00 pm, Sunday, April 11, 2021
Music Center, Hershberger Art Gallery

Senior Art Exhibit II Reception

Naomi Tolmachoff is from Arizona, and attended a junior college in Iowa before transferring to Goshen. An interest in art has resulted in career ambitions. Naomi encourages visitors to not think too much about what it means, or what you?re looking at, but to simply sit back and enjoy. Her artwork for the senior show is mostly things that she liked or found interesting.

Heather Gabel is a double major in Sustainable Food Systems and Art. She especially enjoys hiking, gardening and crafting. Heather?s sculptures are made from found and reclaimed steel, including recognizable industrial equipment. They are brightly colored forms that invite the viewer to interact with them.

Nathan Pauls is Art and Communication major who loves to make people laugh and smile. When not working on ceramics or drawing, he loves to watch Star Trek, go on walks with friends, and spending time seeing the supernatural in nature. Nathan?s senior exhibit will be ceramics ? primarily tableware, mugs, cups, pitchers and plates. He hopes that you find that his work sparks joy!

Meghna Das was born in Delhi, and moved to a small hill station called Mussoorie when she was nine months old. She attended a private international school and had the opportunity to grow up among many different cultures and religions. Her passion for art began in the ninth grade. Of course, she began with faces. She says, ?I spent days doing eye studies and challenging myself to capture expression without any of the other facial features. When I felt I had done that, I moved on to the whole face, studying each characteristic that made a face unique. There is so much beauty and so many emotions that a face carries and my goal with the pieces I make is to be able to capture even a fraction of that.? Some of Meghna?s pieces touch on the subject?s culture, as well, which is incorporated into the background or their costumes.

Located inside the Music Center, the Hershberger Art Gallery is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays for Goshen College students and employees only. The Gallery is closed during academic holidays, or when the campus is closed for any reason. Ample parking is available nearby in the Music Center parking lot.

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