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10:00 am, Monday, September 30, 2013

Convocation: "Making Peace with the Past: Living on Potawatomi Land" - Rich Meyer & George Godfrey, Citizen band of the Potawatomi nation

The Goshen College campus and Rich Meyer's farm near Benton, southeast of Goshen, both sit on land that was once tended by members of the Potawatomi Indian nation. George Godfrey and Meyer will share the podium in today's convocation. Godfrey is the former vice president for academic affairs at Haskell Indian nations university in Lawrence Kansas, and a historian of the Citizen Potawatomi band, now living in Athens, Illinois. Both Meyer and Godfrey participated in the Trail of Death Re- enactment this year, which commemorates the removal of the Potawatomi from Indiana in 1838. See related link below. What can emerge through compassionate peacemaking on the part of both Indians and whites today?

Contact: Rebecca B Horst, phone (574) 535-7206, email beckybh@goshen.edu

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