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10:00 am, Friday, April 13, 2018
Umble Center

Convo: "Wicked Problems, Worship, and Witness: How Fighting in the Presence of God Makes All the Difference in the World"

Michael Gulker, the president of The Colossian Forum, is a leader in turning conflict into opportunity for both deeper discipleship and more beautiful witness. A native of West Michigan, he studied philosophy and theology at Calvin College, has a divinity degree from Duke Divinity School, and is an ordained Mennonite pastor. He recently published an edited collection with Jamie Smith, "All Things Hold Together in Christ: A Conversation of Faith, Science, and Virtue," and has another book on the way, "Learning to Fight Like Jesus: Why the Reconciling Power of the Gospel Has Never Been Such Good News."

Contact: Duane Sherer Stoltzfus, phone (574) 535-7745, email dstoltzfus@goshen.edu