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4:00 pm, Wednesday, December 5, 2018
SC 106

Computer Science Capstone Projects

Esteban Montoya: The Advent of the Quantum Computer - is our Cybersecurity Ready?

Kartikeya Sharma: "Why Big Data Analytics should be an integral part of Accounting?"

Yedidiya Zewdu: Technology in K-12 Education: What is the present use of Educational Technology?

Mikol Aspinwall:Taking Back the Smart Home: On the Subject of Methods to Decentralize Traditional "Smart Device" Ecosystems

Patryk Ostrowski: How does artificial intelligence affect human behavior?

Christian Stoltzfus: Digital Jesus: The Church and Social Media

Logan Swartzendruber: From Logic Circuits to i7 Intel Processors.

(Jeanette Shown is the organizer.)

Contact: David L Housman, phone (574) 535-7405, email dhousman@goshen.edu

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