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10:30 am, Saturday, March 13, 2021
Online event

Inherited Trauma: Epigenetics and Preterm Birth

The second and public lecture in the 2021 Goshen Conference on Religion and Science, on the theme "Trauma and the Environment: How Then Shall We Live?"

Joint conference keynote speakers are Dr. Ann Pedersen and Dr. Jennifer Gubbels, both of Augustana University.

This lecture is free and open to the public. Listen and watch on the Goshen College livestream:

goshen.edu/livestream< /a>

Register for the conference for access to all three of the lectures, and discussions with the conference presenters. Registration for the virtual conference in 2021 is $30, or $10 for students. Find out more and register at the conference website.

Contact: Paul Meyer Reimer, phone (574) 535-7318, email paulmr@goshen.edu

See also: Conference website