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7:30 pm, Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Rieth Recital Hall

Studio Recital: Students of Solomia Soroka

Goshen College violin students in the studio of Associate Professor of Music Solomia Soroka will perform a free recital of sonatas by Baroque composer Heinrich Iganz Franz Biber on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 in Rieth Recital Hall. The recital is free and open to the public.

Soroka will perform along with Goshen College string students Katie Miller, Maggie Yoder, Brisa Peacock, Sam Smucker, Hillary Harder, Josh Yoder, Martina Pudelova, Lisa Horst, and Garrett Ahlgrim. The students will be accompanied on harpsichord by Goshen College music department staff accompanist Christine Larson Seitz.

This unique recital will feature the Rosary Sonatas by renowned Baroque violinist Heinrich Franz Biber. Each sonata of this cycle corresponds with a bead on the rosary and depicts an event of the lives of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. The sonatas constitute one of the virtuosic high points of the Baroque violin repertoire. In addition to the daring technical and contrapuntal demands of Biber's writing, each sonata employs a different tuning of the violin's strings, known as scordatura. This collection of Rosary (or Mystery) Sonatas survives in a manuscript copy with engravings accompanying each piece portraying each depicted scene, and these engravings will be displayed at the recital.

Contact: Music Department, phone (574) 535-7361, email music@goshen.edu