Sunday, September 8, 2024 through November 17, 2024
Good Library Gallery

"God's Eye" Paintings by Chad Friesen

Chad Friesen (1967-2013) was a self-taught, physically disabled artist who used art to record his innermost thoughts and feelings. With great effort, he created over 1000 paintings with bold linies and bold colors. Friends from Southside Fellowship in Elkhart created a comnpany, God's Eye Art, to market his work. Most of the paintings in the exhibit come from collections of his parents Carol Nickel and Leroy Friesen and their friends Dean and Gwen Preheim Bartel.

Sponsored by the Mennonite-Amish Exhibit Committee of Goshen College.

Image: "The Crowds Following Jesus" (2004)

Contact: Joe Springer, phone 574-535-7418, email

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