10:00 am, Monday, January 22, 2024
Science Building, room 106

"Electrical stimulation to restore bladder function", Maria Jantz, Science Speakers

Loss of bladder function is typically an overlooked side effect of spinal cord injury, but it is the number one cause of rehospitalization after injury. One potential way to restore bladder control is by using electrical stimulation below the level of the injury to activate the nerves that then contract or relax the bladder. In her graduate research, Dr. Jantz applied sacral spinal cord stimulation to restore bladder function, and built a personalized computational model to predict outcomes of the stimulation.

She will also briefly discuss grad school applications and research experiences.

Maria Jantz completed her PhD studies in neural engineering at the University of Pittsburgh in 2023. She graduated with a degree in physics from Goshen College in 2015.

Contact: Paul Meyer Reimer, phone 7318, email paulmr@goshen.edu

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