2:00 pm, Saturday, April 27, 2019
Good Library Gallery

Brought Home: Objects and Stories from 50 Years of SST Exhibit

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Study-Service Term at Goshen College, this exhibit will contain artifacts that students and faculty leaders acquired during their SST terms and brought back home.

The exhibit offers a wide variety of mundane and exotic objects, fine art and folk art, including: paintings, textiles, toys, carvings, costumes, jewelry, ceramics, baskets, masks and metalwork. Some were gifts from friends in the foreign country. All embody lasting stories and memories of people and events.

The items come from the earliest units, from 1968 , in Guadeloupe, Costa Rica and Jamaica as well as the most recent ones in China, Tanzania, Peru, Senegal and Indonesia.

John Blosser, Professor Emeritus of Art, is curator of the exhibit, assisted by students Rachel Yoder and Katie Yoder. The exhibit is sponsored by the International Education Office and the Mennonite- Amish Museum Committee. Members of the planning committee are John Blosser, Jan Bender Shetler, Katie Yoder, Rachel Yoder, Ervin Beck and Barbara Smucker.

The library will be open for two hours only on this day so that visitors to campus may enjoy the exhibit.

For more information about the exhibit, contact Ervin Beck (ervinb@goshen.edu) or Jan Bender Shetler (jans@goshen.edu).

Image: Garifuna Painting, Harvest by a Woman

Contact: Ervin Beck, phone (574) 533-8163, email ervinb@goshen.edu