9:00 am, Wednesday, April 12, 2023
church-chapel sanctuary

Convo: Rigor and Right Action: Supporting Human Dignity in Research

The annual academic research symposium will begin with this convocation lecture by Dr. Laura Miller-Graff. Note that convo will be at 9:00, not the usual 10:00. Dr. Miller-Graff's research examines the developmental effects of exposure to violence. Working within an ecological framework, Dr. Miller-Graff's research seeks to understand how various systems (i.e., individual, family, and community) interact to promote or inhibit healthful development following violence exposure. Dr. Miller-Graff has a particular interest in the adaptation and evaluation of brief psychological interventions in low- and middle-income and conflict-affected settings. Current research projects include the effects of intimate partner violence (IPV) on women and childrenâ??s health and adjustment in the perinatal period factors contributing and the adaptation, development and evaluation of psychological interventions for violence-exposed pregnant women and for families living in settings of chronic violence.

Contact: Suzanne Ehst, phone (574) 535-7875, email sehst@goshen.edu