2:00 pm, Monday, December 9, 2019
Science Center Lobby & Ground Floor

Electronics and Robotics Show

Students in the Electronics class taught by Professor John Buschert spent the last month of the class on a project. Each project uses the popular Arduino microcontroller board that is programmed in C, can be connected to a variety of sensors, and can control motors, lights, sounds and other outputs. See what creative projects they have come up with. Control a tiny drone just by moving your hand around. Try out a rangefinder for the blind. Watch a robot locate and grab a ball and move it to a designated spot. It's the GC Electronics and Robotics show that happens only every two years. Watch as a base moves around to keep a vertical stick balanced, even when you disturb it. See the scooter balance itself and drive down the hallway. See a robot with ultrasonic rangefinders navigate its way through obstacles. Take a fun break from your studies on Reading Day to roll a ball toward the "soccer player" and watch it move to intercept and kick it toward a target. Come see what these students have been working on for the last month and be amazed. It all happens in the Science Hall Lobby and ground floor, Monday December 9, 2-4 pm.

Contact: John Buschert, phone (574) 535-7301, email johnrb@goshen.edu