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2:30 pm, Sunday, March 28, 2021
Online Event

Spring Mainstage: Orfeo ed Euridice

First performed in 1762, Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice is based on the myth of Orpheus. Orpheus, bereft by the death of his wife, Eurydice, just after their wedding, entreats the gods to restore her to him. Won over by Orpheus' playing of beautiful, sad music, the gods send an emissary, Amore, to set a challenge for Orpheus: travel into the underworld and bring Eurydice back to the surface to restore her to life. There are two conditions: Orpheus cannot look at her along the journey and he must never complain about the first condition. Although as the original myth depicts, Orpheus' resolve fails at the last moment, all is not lost for Orpheus and Eurydice in Gluck's opera. Join us via goshen.edu/livestream to learn what ultimate fate awaits them.

Contact: Events Office, phone 574-535-7881, email events@goshen.edu

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