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2:30 pm, Sunday, November 21, 2021
Umble Center

Fall Mainstage: Brooklyn Bridge

When fifth-grade latch-key child Sasha can't find a pen to write the due-tomorrow report on the Brooklyn Bridge she is struggling to complete, she works up the courage to break her mother's rules and venture out of their apartment for help. There, in view of the magnificent bridge, she discovers a diverse collection of neighbors, each special in their own way but alike in their deep good-heartedness. This humorous drama celebrates the making of things- research papers, bridges, community. Along her journey Sasha learns that there are facets and then there is what's important- and what's important is what matters.

TICKET INFORMATION: $10 General Admission $5 Seniors Free for all students and GC Employees
For tickets, call or visit the GC Box Office 574-353-7566 or visit www.goshen.edu/tickets
Tickets can also be purchased at the theater beginning one hour before show time.

Contact: Box Office, phone (574) 535-7566, email boxoffice@goshen.edu

See also: Click to purchase tickets.