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7:30 pm, Friday, February 19, 2021
Online Event

Virtual Winter One Acts

"Smiling in Place" by Dale Dunn Directed by Gloria Bontrager-Thomas "Smiling in Place" is a show about a mother and daughter in quarantine. As they contemplate how Covid-19 has changed their lives and the rest of the world, they suddenly receive an unexpected visitor who offers them new strategies to get through these difficult times in their lives. "I've Hit an Iceberg" by Danna Call Directed by Abigail Greaser In this absurdist comedy, a woman is stunned when she hears the head of iceberg lettuce she's about to turn into a salad ask, "What are doing with your life?" Flustered and confused (and hungry), she summons a friend to help her find the source of the mysterious voice. Is she crazy or did the leafy roughage really speak? And if so, why did it sound so smug? Interrogated by her analysis-loving friend, she's forced to face her less-than-exciting existence and discovers a moment of truth. You never know what lies in the subconscious-- or inside a head of lettuce. "I've Hit an Iceberg" is produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, Ill.

All performances will be streamed. See goshen.edu/tickets for more information. This is a FREE event.

Contact: Anna Kurtz Kuk, phone (574) 535-7892, email akkuk@goshen.edu

See also: goshen.edu/tickets