5:30 pm, Saturday, December 2, 2023
Merry Lea - Learning Center

Family Night Hike: Owl Prowl at Merry Lea

Whooo’s out in the evening woods during this time of year? Many things are…including owls! We will be spending time both indoors and outdoors as we learn about the three most common owl species here. We will practice using our senses to search for owls outdoors and explore what else we can discover after dark, since we don’t know if the owls will let us find them.

Cost:$7/adult, $5/child

Registration: https://goshen.doubleknot.com/registration/calendardetail.asp x? activitykey=2990364&orgkey=4606&ReturnURL=//goshen.doubleknot .com/app/calendar/month/4606/2023-12-01/4606/0/

Contact: Kaitlyn Sproles, phone 2607995869, email kbeasley@goshen.edu