10:00 am, Friday, January 31, 2020
SC 106

Controversial bridges and your feelings about robots #RealPhysics

Luke Miller Rush and Ryan Haggerty will be talking about their summer 2019 research projects.

Many rural communities are faced with aging infrastructure and tight budgets. Ryan joined a Civil Engineering research group at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln examining a new kind of bridge made from geosynthetic materials. It would reduce costs and construction time dramatically, but not all civil engineers are fans. Can Ryan and his group win them over?

With a â??telepresence robotâ?? your mom could facetime you *and* poke around your dorm room at the same time! Luke was looking at how people interact with, and feel about such robots in his summer research internship at Oregon State University.

Contact: Danielle Pagoria, email dpagoria@goshen.edu