Sunday, March 31, 2019 through April 28, 2019
Abner Hershberger Art Gallery

Senior Art Student Exhibit

This yearâ??s senior art students represent a diverse set of skills, cultures and mediums, please briefly meet each student:

Brianna Herndon is an Art and ASL Interpreting double major. She grew up in the small town of Paris, Texas, where she began delving into the artistic world. She wishes to use her art to explore the world and to honor God. Brianna's piece uses mixed media to create a life-sized experience which invites you to explore a mystical forest. The work is heavily inspired by theater set design, and attempts to involve the viewer in a unique way.

Irina Gladun is an up and coming potter who has grown up in Goshen with western Ukrainian roots. My work seeks to associate the traditionally feminine with strength and validity by exploring forms that are both tall and vertical as well as curvy and feminine. My design elements are influenced by meticulous floral decorations that can be associated with Eastern European folk art.

My name is Yadira Figueroa and Iâ??m from Goshen, Indiana. My major is Graphic Design and Art. For my senior exhibit I will be showing several graphic design pieces that are inspired from various stages of my life and by my Mexican â?? American culture. One piece I am currently working on is a series of book cover show parts of my life that had a big impact on me. Each cover has a diverse design with many different colors, graphics and photographs.

Rachel Yoder is an Art Education major, originally hailing from a small farm in Howe, Indiana. Her senior work is primarily sculpture, working with metal and mixed media to create forms that capture movement and the human spirit as it transforms in troubled times.

All senior work will be on display in the Hershberger Art Gallery, beginning on March 31, and continuing thorugh April 28.

The Hershberger Art Gallery is located in the Music Center, and is open during business hours during the week, and from 2:00 â?? 4:00 p.m. on weekends. It is also open during any special events held in the Music Center.

Contact: Veronica J Berkey, phone 7400, email